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Skype Credit Voucher / Gift Card (USD 25.00)

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Your credit, your way – add money to your Skype account and use it when you need to call phones, send texts and access WiFi hotspots worldwide.

Once redeemed, credit does not expire. Over 1000 minutes of calling based on a rate of $0.023 per minute. The actual number of minutes may vary depending on your calling destination and number of calls you make. A connection fee applies, see: for details. Skype’s terms of use apply To redeem your card, go to

The value of this card is in USD. Upon redemption the value of this voucher will be applied to your Skype Account. If your Skype Account is in another currency, the value of the voucher will be converted to that currency upon redemption and at the rate published in the ‘Currency’ section in My Account

Terms can change without notice at any time. No cash redemption, except where required by law. No emergency calls can be made using Skype.

Skype is not a telephone replacement service.

3 steps to start calling

1. To redeem voucher go to

2. Follow the online instructions to redeem the card

3. Start making calls
  • With Skype Credit you can call phones and send texts worldwide at great low rates
  • Over 1000 minutes of calling based on a rate of $0.023 per minute
  • Skype Credit Voucher / Gift Card (USD 25.00)
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